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Leveraging the UDT Technology in Rhino, becomes possible to deform an object by dragging the handles of a cage, which can take the shape of simple geometries such as a line, a square or a parallelepiped. The deformation can be controlled through an appropriate number of handles, which increases according to the type of cage chosen: Stiff, Flexible or Soft.

A tubular Under Gallery is a circular extrusion, which can be subjected to bending in the area that lies between the two bases. This tool makes easy and intuitive creating links and modeling objects. Using the same button you can also turn the created object into a solid, so it can be used to remove or add material to your 3d model.

Similar to the command Split Volume, Trim Volume with Curve allows you to cut a solid using an existing curve or a curve traced during the execution of the same command. This command is not available natively in Rhino, and allows you to recover much time for operations of this type. In fact, the closed objects are defined solids, but they do not behave as solids especially when you cut them with curves that tend to open the solid as if it was an empty box. This command on the contrary performs a "cut" of volumes keeping always safe their characteristic of closed solids.

This command allows to draw directly on the surface of an object a curve that indicates at the same time its extension. The usage is similar to a flexible meter.

Create gem model type: Table

The Symmetrical Birail is a particular surface which is generated by the definition of two binary symmetrical. The creation of such kind of surfaces may be useful to define special shapes, or to make grooves on the surface of solid models.